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sample custom map

^Detail of an early draft of Dharma Wheels and Fish Ladders, part of the Infinite City atlas, 2010.

Custom Cartography

Pease Press designs maps for books, displays, brochures and websites. Our maps are clear, handsome, and convey both points of interest and a sense of place. Find samples of our work and learn how we can help you with your projects.

Pease Press's Bay Area Trail Maps

We publish some of the best maps of Bay Area parks. You'll find detailed trail information that's not in online maps, and get a big-picture view of regional trails and how parks connect with nearby neighborhoods.

Pease Press maps in our catalog include: San Francisco, Northeast Marin County, Northern San Mateo/Coastside, and Santa Cruz.

We also publish small-format maps of Central Marin (San Geronimo Valley) and Pacifica.

We also sell selected maps by other publishers showing the Central Peninsula, Southern Peninsula, and Point Reyes National Seashore.

We also list other recommended maps and guidebooks, and links to agency maps.

detail of SF map

^Detail of The Walker's Map of San Francisco, 2010

A Little News:

I write about maps, tools, and favorite San Francisco walks and places in my blog: Cartographer's Notebook (http://peasepress.wordpress.com).

Our Walker's Map of San Francisco is now in its 2nd edition. It's available in San Francisco's many independent bookstores, REI, and on our mail-order page.

A big copy of the Walker's Map is at the Exploratorium's Map Room, in May 2013.

The 3rd edition of Trails of Santa Cruz is hot off the press and has that inky new map smell. (May, 2013). We added several new trails and beaches, plus shaded relief, and icons showing commercial districts and the best viewpoints. As of mid-May 2013, the first two stores to carry it in Santa Cruz are Down Works and Outdoor World but it will soon be in bookstores and bike shops. We will be selling the new maps via mail starting June 14. If you'd like one sooner, Bored Feet Press has them in stock.

Ben Pease and Shizue Seigel were delighted to serve as the cartographers for Infinite City: a San Francisco Atlas by Rebecca Solnit and friends, published by University of California Press in 2011. It's a marvelous look at the City's hidden, layered histories. Rumor has it there's another book in the series coming November 2013.

Sadly, since 2010, Gerald Olmsted's landmark maps of Mt. Tamalpais and the Marin Headlands and the East Bay Hills have been out of print. We'll let you know of any worthy successors.

Updated 5/15/13

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