Pease Press Map Updates

Maps go out of date: trails are built or rerouted, bus routes change, embassies move. Here are links to update pages to let you know what's changed since the maps were published. New editions of these maps will incorporate all changes at the earliest possible opportunity.

For Pease Press Maps:

Update for Trails of the Coastside & Northern Peninsula (published Sept. 2002). Minor transit changes related to BART opening.

Update for Trails of Northeast Marin County (published Sept. 2000). A couple new Ridge Trail links and two new properties.
NEW 2nd edition of Northeast Marin, published August 2003, includes all these changes.

Update for Trail Map of Pacifica (published 1997). Many changes; Trails of the Coastside includes all these changes.

For Trail Center Maps:

Update for Trail Map of the Central Peninsula (published 2000)

Update for Trail Map of the Southern Peninsula (published 1996)

General Changes:

Bay Area Ridge Trail Council has a new address and phone number:
1007 General Kennedy Drive, Suite 3, Presidio
San Francisco, CA 94129
phone: (415) 561-2595/ fax: (415) 561-2599

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