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Updates: Trails of Northeast Marin County (1st edition):

This page updates the 1st edition of Northeast Marin -- the one with the oak tree on the cover -- published in 2000. There are several new trails and preserves. You can pull out your red and purple colored pencils and update the changes described below. Detail maps are scanned from the 2nd edition, which includes all these changes and more. Limited-time offer: If you have a first-edition map, you can get a $2 discount on the new map by cutting out the bar code from your old 1st edition of the map. Send it along with your order form to Pease Press and deduct $2 from the total. (Valid through November 2003).

Overview of Changes:

Detail Map 1: Rush Creek Open Space Preserve extends southeast to the edge of the Petaluma River marshes and Bahia Drive. Two informal trails on the ridge and the marsh edge are open to hikers and horses. The trail along the marsh may be relocated eventually so people don't bother the birds.

Detail Map 2: Near the summit of Indian Tree Open Space Preserve, the Ships Mast Trail traverses through the woods from Big Trees Trail to Indian Tree Fire Road, roughly along the 1280-foot contour. The lower Big Trees Trail has a few new switchbacks. The old, steep Watershed Trail is closed.

Detail Map 3 shows two important links in the Bay Area Ridge Trail:

The new Loma Alta Trail extends from the end of Smith Ranch Fire Road up and over the summit of Loma Alta and descends north to Lucas Valley Road. It follows old ranch roads on easements across private land (please stay on the trail).

From Lucas Valley Road, the newBig Rock Trail ascends Big Rock Ridge to the 1895-foot summit (the second-highest ridge in Marin County). From here, Big Rock Ridge Fire Road wanders up and down along the ridgetop east to Chicken Shack Fire Road, which comes up from US 101 by the Burger King. The Big Rock Trail is mostly new, well-designed single-track. It weaves in and out of oak and bay forest then out onto pasture with fabulous views and wildflowers. Again, these two trails follow easments across private land (please stay on the trail).

There is roadside parking on Lucas Valley Road for 3-5 cars; heed the no parking signs either side of the pass.

More Trail Changes:

Brookside Trail (B2) follows Novato-Hicks Valley Road west from San Marin then north to the Dwarf Oak Trail in Mt. Burdell Preserve. This hiking/equestrian trail is another link in the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

In Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide Preserve, Wintergreen Trail (C6) switchbacks from Las Colindas Road up to the east end of Park Ridge Fire Road. Short but sweet for neighborhood walks.

Both trails ascending from Olompali State Park are called the Loop Trail. The Mount Burdell Trail begins at the upper junction. The old, eroded footpath up the mountain from this junction is closed.

In China Camp State Park the informal footpath I showed ascending south from Miwok Meadows is closed.

Public Transit Changes:

Due to the lousy economy and changing ridership, GGT is proposing major changes for November, 2003. Check www.goldengate.org or www.transitinfo.org for details.
Most busses will run on an hourly schedule. Route 50 becomes several local routes. Its loop through Novato/San Marin will run only on weekdays. Route 70 becomes an all-day suppliment to Route 80 from Novato to SF. Route 20 will end in San Anselmo (leaving only local bus connections between San Rafael and San Anselmo). Route 1 would be divided into three local bus routes. The 2nd edition of my map went to press a couple months before this change showing both old and new route numbers but time will tell what actually happens.

Last year GGT eliminated route 65 (weekend service from San Anselmo to West Marin). West Marin Stagecoach operates 4 weekday round trips along the same basic route.

Text Changes:

Bay Area Ridge Trail Council's new contact info. is:
1007 General Kennedy Drive, Suite 3, Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129
phone: (415) 561-2595/ fax: (415) 561-2599 www.ridgetrail.org.

The State Park administrative office in Novato is closed but there are still ranger stations at each State Park.

Copyright 2003 by Ben Pease. Updated 9/03

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