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Trail Map of Pacifica - Feb. 2006 Update

For updated and expanded coverage, see my Trails of the Coastside and Northern Peninsula. If you have an old Pacifica map, or want a good map just of Pacifica's ridgeland parks, here's what's changed on this map: sharpen your red pencil.



• A nice network of new footpaths wanders along Milagra Ridge (C2), connecting with the paved NIKE road. The new gate at the entrance leaves room for wheelchairs to pass.
• Mori's Point Road (B3) is now a public trail. Numerous unmaintained dirt roads and trails (not shown) explore GGNRA's Mori Point. Some are steep, not all are maintained. Please explore cautiously. Two reliable dirt roads climb to Mori Point from the north, leaving Mori's Point Road about 100 yards inland from the beach.
• A new Bike Path connects Vallemar to Rockaway Beach and Linda Mar (B3-B4). Calera Creek has been relocated further west and enhanced with native plants as part of Pacifica's wastewater treatment plant.
• New Trails to Montara: Old Pedro Mountain Road extends south from ragner residence in McNee Ranch to Pedro Mtn. Road. 5a. Farallon Cut-Off links midpoint of this trail to Farallon Ave. Both trails follow County rights of way across private Rancho Corral de Tierra . Parking is limited - park a few blocks away and walk to the trailhead to respect the neighbors.
• San Andreas Trail will extend to San Bruno Avenue once signal at Hwy. 35 is finished in Spring 2003, eliminating the existing hazardous roadside trailhead on Hwy. 35.


• Storms have erased the short-lived trail between Esplanade Drive and the Pacific Park RV Resort (B2). Use Palmetto Ave. to go past RV Resort.
• Three red hiking/ equestrian trails at south end of Sweeney Ridge GGNRA (D4, marked *) are not maintained, and one has been formally closed to protect wetlands. (The rangers asked me to delete them from my new Coastside map).

Phone numbers in San Mateo County have changed to area code (650).

GGNRA no longer has a visitor center at Fort Funston. Fort Funston's South District Ranger Office phone is (415) 239-2366.

Bay Area Ridge Trail Council's new contact info. is:
1007 General Kennedy Drive, Suite 3, Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129
phone: (415) 561-2595/ fax: (415) 561-2599 • www.ridgetrail.org

SamTrans routes have been renumbered. See www.transitinfo.org or see my new map for details. (If you don't ride public transit, of course this change will not affect you). Here are a few of the significant changes:

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