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Update: Trail Map of the Southern Peninsula

First edition published by the Trail Center in 1996.

First, lets put a reference grid on the map to help locate changes. Unfold your Southern Peninsula map and use the folds as the grid. Divide each panel into two squares, so the map is 6 grid units high, numbered 1-6 from top to bottom. The map is 9 panels across (let's call them A-I). (See illustration above). So for example, Windy Hill Preserve, in the upper left hand corner, is at A2 and B2. Saratoga is at I6. OK? Also refer to the outlines of the detail maps.


Trail Changes:

Detail Map 1: At Windy Hill Preserve there is now a parking lot and rest room off Portola Valley Road. The Betsy Crowder Trail ascends southwest from the pond to the Spring Ridge Trail. The trail marked XXX now crosses a private homesite and is closed.

A new Portola Valley town trail extends southeast from Coal Mine Ridge Trail. We have not mapped it yet.

Detail Map 2: There are numerous trail improvements to Arastradero Preserve (several built by Trail Center volunteers!). The barn and house were removed and recycled several years ago.

Detail Map 3: The new Zinfandel Trail links Picchetti Ranch Preserve and Stevens Creek County Park. In Fremont Older Preserve, MROSD built a new southern leg of the Seven Springs Loop just as our map went to press. The multi-use Cora Older Trail at the Prospect Road trailhead bypasses both the Fremont Older House and the hiking-only trail along the creek.

Detail Map 4: In Long Ridge Preserve notice the proper names for Peters Creek Trail and Long Ridge Loop, and a new spur trail to Peters Creek Falls.

More Trail Changes:

All trails in Los Trancos Preserve are closed to bicycles.
Dogs are no longer allowed at several preserves -- check with MROSD for regulations.


  • Moody Springs Court and Red Rock Road in Los Altos Hills should be marked "private." They are still part of the town pathway system, but the adjacent Artemas Ginzton Trail in Byrne Preserve is a better, all-public alternative. Please respect homeowners' privacy whenever using the town trails, most of which follow easements on private land.
  • What we called "Weeping Oaks Trail" in Monte Bello OSP (C4) is really "White Oaks Trail".
    •  Hamm's Gulch Trail in Windy Hill is hiking/equestrian only (red dash).
  • TEXT:
    All phone numbers in San Mateo County have changed to area code (650). Bay Area Ridge Trail and Hosteling International are still in (415).

    Bay Area Ridge Trail Council's new address and phone number is:
    1007 General Kennedy Drive, Suite 3, Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129
    phone: (415) 561-2595/ fax: (415) 561-2599 www.ridgetrail.org

    Transit: As of late 2003 Valley Tranist Authority is planning major service reductions, particularly on weekends. Check www.transitinfo.org for latest schedules and route information. Also, SamTrans has eliminated its mid-day, weekday-only route 50A to Portola Valley.

    Notes courtesy of Ben Pease/ Pease Press. Map copyright 1996, the Trail Center.
    Updated 9/5/03

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