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Small-Format Maps by Pease Press

These are experimental trail maps output on 11x17 color laser prints. It's a little tacky, but it lets us show areas where a big print run isn't in the cards. Cost is higher than a map printed on a press, but it allows the maps to be published at all. (Most of the cost is the color laserprint itself). The color is decent; the paper is fairly durable and tolerates a little damp. Mostly we do NOT sell these in stores because the production cost is too high and would drive up the cover price.

Trails of Central Marin County

detail of SF map^Detail of Trails of Central Marin County, 2014

This is the country you see on the way to Point Reyes National Seashore, as urban Fairfax gives way to West Marin farms and forests. There is more public access here than first meets the eye. Get up close and personal with the landscape out the window.

This map shows northern Bolinas Ridge, Marin Municipal Water District's Pine Mountain and San Geronimo Ridge areas, and Marin County Parks' Gary Giacomini, White's Hill, French Ranch, and Roy's Redwoods Open Space Preserves. It also shows one of the few accurate maps of trails in Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

This map bridges three of our maps – Mt. Tamalpais, Muir Woods, and the Marin Headlands overlaps on the south, Trails of Northeast Marin County overlaps on the east. The same basic area on this map appears in the corner of the Point Reyes National Seashore and West Marin Parks map I drew for Wilderness Press; this map is a richer in detail and colors.

2014, 80-foot contours, 1:30,000, 32 x 17 inches. 3 color laser prints spliced. $8.00

Trails of Northeast Marin County (interim 2019 3rd edition)
We are down to our last few boxes of the printed 2003 2nd edition map and we're itching to reprint it on a press once San Francisco and Tamalpais are re-issued. Jack Geddes at Wild Birds Unlimited in Novato has been providing updates (and great birding spots) and so we came out with a temporary photocopy for him to sell at his store (off Rowland in Novato, east of 101). The 21" x 33" interim map is narrower than the original, but taller, so we bookended the original coverage with the east peak of Mt. Tam, and Sonoma Baylands on San Pablo Bay. We've included the original text and most of the agency info too. Completely updates Mount Burdell, China Camp, Barbier Park, Big Rock Ridge, Hamilton, and many other favorite landmarks from Novato to Fairfax.

Because it's 4 11x17 sheets spliced, we sell it at $9; the printed map will be priced normally in "half a year or so..." If you can't wait until Christmas then give us a yodel about the interim map.

Trails of Pacifica (out of print)

detail of Muir Woods^Detail from Trails of Pacifica (2014) replaced by our Trails of Northern San Mateo County.

When our Coastside map started to get out of date in 2008 or so we started a xerox update of Pacifica, then expanded it to a mini Coastside map (cropped at Half Moon Bay). This was a placeholder and test-bed for a future printed map, and was available only at San Pedro Valley Visitor Center and Florey's Books. It "graduated" and is replaced by the double-sided Northern San Mateo County map, printed on a big press in 2017.

Updated 6/6/19