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Small-Run and Custom Maps

We print a couple draft or experimental trail maps as 11x17 color laserprints. Splicing 2 to 4 11x17 pages covers a pretty big area, and we can keep it current, even when a big print run isn't in the cards. Does it make sense? Not always! But if you like these maps, we've got them, hot off the laserprinter.

Mostly we do NOT sell these in stores because the production cost is too high and would drive up the cover price. Cost is MUCH higher than a map printed on a press, but much cheaper than printing 2000 to 6000 maps. (Most of the cost is the color laserprint itself, plus labor to trim, fold, and glue). The color is decent; the paper is fairly durable and tolerates a little damp.

Trails of West Marin County shows the country you see on the way to Point Reyes, as urban Fairfax gives way to West Marin farms and forests. There is more public access here than first meets the eye. See our West Marin page.

^Trails of West Marin County, 2019. 16x32 inches $8 ea.

Trails of Northeast Marin County (interim 2019 3rd edition)
The 21" x 33" interim map is narrower than the printed1998 and 2003 maps, but taller. It extends from East peak of Mt. Tam to Mount burdell and Sonoma Baylands. We've copied the original text and agency info. See the Northeast Marin page.

Trails of Pacifica was a 17x21" interim update of our 1996 Pacifica map, and was the test bed for updating our 2002 Trails of the Coastside with shaded relief. We prouduced it from 2010 to 2018. We happily replaced both maps with the Northern San Mateo County map, printed on a big press in 2018.

City of San Francisco Wall Map

This is a more general-purpose wall map of San Francisco including Treasure Island, with a classic look. It is primarily a street and neighborhood map, although it does include muted MUNI routes, stairways and trails as secondary information. This is normally a custom inkjet print at our local service bureau, but spliced laserprints work for smaller sized prints. At full size, the scale is 1:17,125 and the map measures 36" x 36", but it can be printed as small as 32" x 32". Some options in terms of layers (transit lines, neighborhoods, and so forth). Take a look.

Updated 10/26/20