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Pease Press Trail Maps

Trails of Northeast Marin County
Complete parks from San Rafael north to Novato and west to Fairfax, including China Camp and Olompali State Parks; and Mt. Burdell, Loma Alta, and Big Rock Ridge Preserves. Several trails along San Pablo Bay, too. Get to know the landscape you see from the top of Tamalpais and Hwy 101.

40' contours, 23" X 28", 2018-2020, Paper (interim 3rd edition, color photocopy). $8.95

Trails of Mt. Tamalpais, Muir Woods and Marin Headlands (2019 2nd edition)
We've revived the classic Olmsted Bros. map with crisp trails, color-coded bike trails, public transit, local streets, and the historical gazetteer (what's named for whom). Now goes north into San Geronimo Valley.

40' contours, 27" X 36", 2019, Paper. $8.95

The Walker's Map of San Francisco (2019 4th edition)
Whether you're a tourist or a local, this is, hands-down, the best map of San Francisco, with complete streets, trails stairways, and public transit. The north half focuses on downtown and Golden Gate Park, with Marin Headlands and Angel Island; south half shows from Golden Gate Park and the Mission District toTwin Peaks, McLaren Park, and San Bruno Mountain. Includes Crosstown, Ridge and Bay Trails.
27" X 36", folds to 4" x 8.5" 2019, Paper. $7.95

Trails of San Mateo County:
Northern Coast, Skyline, and Foothills (2017 2nd edition)

Complete trails from San Bruno Mountain to Half Moon Bay and Woodside, including the Santa Cruz Mountains and Bayside foothills. Replaces our 2002 and 2016 Trails of the Coastside maps.
22 "x28" (double-sided); folds to 4 x 9" 2017, Paper. $7.95

Trails of Santa Cruz (2017 4th edition)
Wilder Ranch, Forest of Nisene Marks, Henry Cowell Redwoods, and Fall Creek State Parks plus beaches, neighborhood streets, and public transite. Includes inset maps of downtown Santa Cruz and Capitola.
27" X 36", folds to 4" x 8.5" 4th edition, 2017, Paper. $7.95

Trails of West Marin County:
Small-format xerox map shows parks and trails along Sir Francis Drake Blvd. from Fairfax to Olema, including Samuel P. Taylor State Park, GGNRA's Bolinas Ridge, MMWD's San Geronimo Ridge; and MCOSD's Gary Giacomini, White's Hill, French Ranch, and Roy's Redwoods Preserves. Adjions our Mt. Tamalpais and Northeast Marin maps. (Previously was called Trails of Central Marin but we extended it west).
16 x 24, color laser print, 2013-17, $

Other Bay Area Trail Maps we like and sell:

typical map

Redwood Hikes Press:
Our colleague Dave Baselt makes exquisite maps. We sell most of his Bay Area titles, retail only. Exquisite color, crisp GIS trails, shaded relief, tree cover, and full detail of adjoining cities (useful for accessing or connecting neighborhood trailheads, BART, etc.). About the only thing these maps don't do is distinguish between hiking and bicycling trails (cyclists should refer to agency maps).

Berkeley Hills and Carquinez Strait:
Fans of Olmsted's old East Bay/Berkeley Hills map will like this modern replacement. The south map shows Tilden, Wildcat, and Briones Regional Parks, EBMUD's Briones watershed, and the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail. The north map extends from Alhambra Valley road north to Martinez and Point Pinole, including Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline and Crockett Hills Regional Park. Whether your interest is broad vistas, scenic trails, or watching trains and ships pass by, this map is a great resource for wandering.
double-sided, waterproof plastic $

Oakland Hills and Pleasanton Ridge:
Like Olmsted's old East Bay/Oakland Hills map, the north map extends from Huckleberry Preserve south through Redwood Regional Park and Lake Chabot; east across EBMUD's San Leandro watershed to Las Trampas. Also Bishop Ranch and a bit of the Bay Trail in East Oakland. The south map extends from I-680 to Niles Canyon Road; the two main BIG parks are Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer and Pleasanton Ridge. With this map and the Berkeley Hils map you can follow 35 miles of Ridge Trail. More connections to come.
double-sided, waterproof plastic. $

Skyline Ridge (Santa Cruz Mountains):
This map loosely follows Hwy 35/Skyline Blvd. and I-280 from Hwy 92 down to Hwy 9 (Saratoga Gap). The north map includes Huddart and Wunderlich Parks, Purisima Creek and El Corte de Madera Creek Preserves; the south map includes Windy Hill, Skyline, Russian, and Long Ridges, Monte Bello, and Rancho San Antonio preserves, and more. (Years ago I helped mapped this same area for the Trail Center's Central Peninsula and Southern Peninsula maps–now out of print. I wondered if they'd work well merged front-to-back...the answer is clearly "Yes!")
double-sided, waterproof plastic, $

Portola Redwoods and Pescadero Creek:
Handy map of San Mateo County's enormous Pescadero Creek County Park and adjacent Portola Redwoods State Park. The back side has enlargements of the tight little trail networks in Sam McDonald, Memorial and Portola Redwoods, and a bonus coastal map of San Gregorio, Pomponio, and Pescadero State Beaches down to Pigeon Point Lighthouse.
double-sided, waterproof plastic, $

Big Basin and Castle Rock:
There have been a bunch of maps over the years focused tightly on Big Basin Redwoods and Castle Rock State Parks; this one takes a broad view and does the whole area justice. It starts over by Lexington Reservoir and ends out past Año Nuevo, so in addition to Castle Rock's honeycombed outcrops and Big Basin's redwoods and waterfalls, and the whole Skyline to the Sea trail network it also includes Sanborn and Upper Stevens Creek County Parks, Portola Redwoods, and Butano State Parks.
waterproof plastic, $10.95

Point Reyes National Seashore:
This is another example of Dave's careful attention to detail. He sensibly cuts up this vast landscape into north and south halves (front and back) - the south half where all the trails are, the north half where the cow and elk are, plus Tomales Point (its own inset) and Point Reyes proper. This enables a very generous 1:25,000 scale. I like it better than my Wilderness Press map and Tom Harrison's (both of which are quite a bit smaller scale).
double-sided, waterproof plastic, 10.95

typical map

Point Reyes & West Marin Parks Map (published by Wilderness Press)
A companion to the guidebook by Jessica Lage, we did this big sheet map showing all of Point Reyes from Tomales Point to Bolinas Lagoon,plus Samuel P. Taylor State Park and open space preserves along Sir Francis Drake Blvd. It's a simpler, heavier style than our own maps, but it does show a huge area at a small yet useful scale, plus insets of Bear Valley and Camp Taylor. (Cartography by Pease Press)
Wilderness Press,
2014 (2nd Edition). 27.5" x 36", heavy-duty waterproof paper. $10.95