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up arrow4th edition San Francisco map spliced to 33.75"H x 47"W.

up arrow2nd edition Trails of Mt. Tamalpais map 26.5"W x 32"H

Flat Maps look great up on the wall they're ideal for planning trips, daydreaming, and getting the lay of the land. (Certain small family members think they work great as origami paper).

Currently we have in stock:

The Walker's Map of San Francisco
2019 4th edition. Spliced map (north and south) $16.
33.75"W x 47"H (you need a BIG wall). See image at right.

The Walker's Map of San Francisco
2014 3rd edition> Spliced map (north and south) $12.
North or south half only, $6 ea. (South half has the legend). These are good for cutting or framing smaller than full size if you have a particular area in mind. Also, many of the 3rd edition flats are double-sided (good for lamination if you have only a little wall space).

Trails of the Northern San Mateo County is L-shaped so doesn't make sense to splice.

We have a small quantity of double-sided sheets (north and/or south halves) for $8 plain, plus optional lamination at cost. A couple customers have gotten them laminated and they can flip it over to see the front or back halves (saves space).

Trails of Santa Cruz maps 2013 3rd edition $8 each.
Limited quantity of 2017 4th edition. 26.5"H x 32"W

We can custom-print/splice:

Trails of Northeast Marin
2019 25"W x 34"H   $11

Trails of Mt. Tamalpais, Muir Woods and Marin Headlands 2019 2nd edition. $16. See image at right.
26.5"W x 32"H

Trails of West Marin
2019 17"H x 34"W
$10 ea (higher cost due to multiple, spliced, color photocopies)

Our flat maps are on the same medium-weight paper as the folded maps (i.e. they are NOT heavy poster stock). So they're more fragile than your average poster, but with care they work fine as wall maps. We ship maps rolled, in cardboard mailing tubes. Or you can arrange to pick up here.

For shipping, we estimate $6 for tube and postage (1st map), with an additional $1 per each extra map in same tube, but let's figure it out for your particular order.