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1:25,000 scale with shaded relief and 40-foot contours.
26" X 39", folds to 4.4" x 9" Double-sided.

Redwood Hikes Press.
ISBN 978-1-934127-37-7.
2019, waterproof plastic: $10.95

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Second-growth redwoods along the Redwood Creek Trail

Hikers in Augustin Bernal Park on Pleasanton Ridge

Cattle grazing on Pleasanton Ridge

East Bay Trail Maps by Redwood Hikes Press

Our colleague Dave Baselt at Redwood Hikes Press trails has produced a great series of maps showing the East Bay Hills and beyond. The trails are crisp, the scale is a generous 1:25,000, and the terrain jumps off the page. Longtime East Bay hikers, equestrians, and cyclists will find them worthy successors to the two Olmsted and Bros. Ramblers Guides to the East Bay Hills (North and Central Sections, long out-of-print). Or if you have a shoebox full of East Bay Parks brochure maps, this map provide the big-picture view you've been looking for.

Oakland Hills and Pleasanton Ridge shows EBRPD's Redwood, Sibley, Huckleberry, and Anthony Chabot Regional Parks, plus EBMUD's permit-only trails in the San Leando Watershed, and Las Trampas Regional Wilderness.

The southern map picks up in Castro Valley and Hayward, and centers on Garin/Dry Creek and Pleasanton Ridge Regional Parks, stopping at Union City and the little town of Sunol. Although the south map still has quite a bit of private land and EBRPD land banks, there's plenty to explore. Had Jerry Olmsted ever done a Southern Section of the East Bay Hills, this area would surely have been on it.

(In a few years look for a new section of Bay Area Ridge Trail from Garin Park to Hwy. 84, and additional trailheads for Pleasanton Ridge).

up arrow North and South (back and front) of Oakland Hills map:

Berkeley Hills South Thumbnail

Berkeley Hills South Thumbnail

Berkeley Hills South Thumbnail
	 Sample: shows the Bolinger Canyon Staging Area and Rocky Ridge section of Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. The map shows single track vs. fire roads, mileages, views, gates, and stairways.

The north map overlaps with the Berkeley Hills and Carquinez Strait map