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1st Edition (2019)

1:17,125 scale (3.7" = 1 mile).
-foot contours.
36" X 36" (full-sized)

Custom Prints (flat/rolled):

$35.00 on heavy, semi-gloss paper

$60.00 on heavy paper, laminated.

$25.00 36"x36" on regular-weight matte paper (engineering print)

Custom layers on/off, $5.00

Free pickup; contact us re shipping or delivery.




City of San Francisco Wall Map

This is a more general-purpose map of San Francisco, mainly between the Golden Gate Bridge and San Mateo County Line, and includes Treasure Island. Scale is 1:17,125, larger than our Walker's Map, so downtown points of interest, Russian Hill stairways, and and Chinatown alleys appear on the main map.

It is primarily a street and neighborhood map, although it does include muted MUNI routes, stairways and trails as secondary information. At full size the map is 36" x 36" but it can be printed as small as 32" x 32".

As of 2020, this map does not yet include an index. It's not out of the question but will take some doing plus proofing and fitting. TBD.  

  If you need a map with neighborhoods colored in, we did such a layer and can turn it on by request.  (Mapped for Epiphany Center in 2019). MUNI rail and (pre-COVID) bus routes are on separate layers (included by default, turned off on request).

Updated 10/24/20