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Interim 3rd Edition (2019)

1:30,000 scale.
-foot contours.
22" X 34", folds to 5" x 7."

Spliced photocopy (paper): $9.00

In retail stores you may still find the 2003 2nd edition, which looks like this, and is described separately.


View from Mt. Burdell toward
Novato and China Camp

Buckeye tree on Mt. Burdell over-looking the Petaluma River marsh

Tam from Sonoma Baylands

Levee trail at Sonoma Baylands


Trails of Northeast Marin County shows parks between San Rafael and Novato, from China Camp to Olompali State Park and Big Rock Ridge, and miles of trails just minutes from US 101.The area is a good introduction to Marin's inland habitats -- rolling hills clad in oak, bay, and madrone, alternating with pasture. Of course you will also find many (but not all) of the bottomlands occupied by subdivisions. You'll see how the hills provide a visual backdrop and separations between neighborhoods. You'll also see neighborhoods which pre-date the Open Space District where access to public land is more limited. It's a diverse area with many facets.

This 2020 map (like the old 2003 edition) shows more than a dozen Marin County Open Space District preserves, including Mount Burdell, Loma Alta, Indian Valley, Rush Creek, and Big Rock Ridge Area, plus a corner of Mt. Tamalpais Watershed (Sky Oaks, Bon Tempe Lake and Phoenix Lake areas). You'll also find Frank Lloyd Wright's Marin County Civic Center, a Native American museum, a reconstructed Miwok village, historic barns and ranches, and a historic Chinese shrimp fishing camp.

The skinnier format of this map lets us show Sonoma Baylands, a lovely counterpart to Hamlton Wetlands, with views far up and down San Pablo Bay. All the essential (updated) text from the old map fits in the Bay.

The interim third edition, below, is mainly available only as a photocopy or inkjet print, sold directly. Our tiny print runs let us keep this map totlly up to date, but the material and labor costs make it prohibitively expensive to resell to stores or distributors.* In big retail stores like REI you're still likely to find the 2003 2nd edition until mid-2021.

up arrowOverview of the 2019 Interim 3rd edition map (21 x 34 inches). The 2003 map covers much of the same area, but crops out Sonoma Baylands (NE corner) and stops short of Mt. Tamalpais (S edge of interim map).

up arrowThe northern cluster of parks in Novato includes Olompali State Park, Mount Burdell Preserve, and Rush Creek Preserve.

up arrowThere may be better maps of China Camp but this one is pretty good!

Trails and fire roads are color-coded for easy reference: purple trails allow bikes; red trails are hiking and equestrian trails. Full-color topographic maps show vegetation, contours, and detailed streets. Text includes park highlights, agency info, and a list of recommended guidebooks. Golden Gate Transit routes are fairly current but subject to change. Special thanks to Wild Birds Unlimited proprietor Jack Geddes for his local knowledge and favorite bird-watching spots!

*You CAN buy this 3rd edition at: Wild Birds Unlimited in Novato, and Sausalito Books by the Bay.

Updated 2/3/21