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This page describes the 2nd edition (2003) which looks like this, and you may find it in bigger stores through early 2020. Compare to our 2019 interim edition.


ISBN 978-0-9649143-2-8. 2003. Paper: $6.95


Trails of Northeast Marin County (2003 2nd edition) shows parks between San Rafael and Novato, from China Camp to Olompali State Park and Big Rock RIdge, and miles of trails just minutes from US 101.The area is a good introduction to Marin's inland habitats -- rolling hills clad in oak, bay, and madrone, alternating with pasture. Of course you will also find many (but not all) of the bottomlands occupied by subdivisions.

The 2003 edition has lasted a lot longer than we thought it would. We've been developing its replacement, and now we're figuring out money and timing. More importantly we've been upgrading the trail art, adding shaded relief, and we re-oriented the map with north up. (The ten degree rotation of the 1st and 2nd editions helped us fit both Stafford Lake and China Camp on a standard page, but created other minor troubles). We've been experimenting with whether the map works well double-sided (in theory, yes; in practice, no). We started publishing the old Olmsted Bros. map of Mt. Tamalpais, so we probably don't need to overlap so much with MMWD's Sky Oaks Area. (But our interim 3rd edition extends half a mile further south to the East Peak of Mt. Tam, which is kinda cool for orienting oneself vs. the parts of Marin that most hikers know).

The good news about the 2003 map is there have only been a handful of changes worth mentioning. The two biggest new trail changes are the Bay Area Ridge Trail from White Hill to Brown Bridge at the summit of Sir Francis Drake Blvd.., and the 680 Trail connecting Loma Alta and Terra Linda-Sleepy Hollow Preserves. The old diked runway of Hamilton Air Force Base got turned into marshland a decade ago. The one big trail closure was the Miwok Fire Trail in China Camp State Park (to limit the spread of a pathogen to nearby native plants). It was the perfect link in loop hikes and rides on San Pedro Mountain; now you're committed to a much longer loop.

In late 2019 MCOSD began work on replacing the Ponti Fire Road down the east end of Big Rock Ridge with a single-track, multi-use trail. By the time that opens we plan to have the new map out.

up arrowThe 2003 map looks like this. (Fuzzy old graphic with park names added).

up arrowDetail of Olompali State Historic Park in 2003 vs. 2019 (yellow-tinted trails have changed). Also you get to Olompali from Novato on Redwood Blvd, not off southbound 101.

up arrowActually these two old images have purple boundaries, so they're the first edition, 1998-ish. I would do better to get the new map in production and paid for than correct my old imagery, so these will do for now. Not many changes on Deer Island (two named side trails).

Even on the 2003 map you'll find a dozen Marin County Open Space District preserves, including Mount Burdell, Loma Alta, Indian Valley, Rush Creek, and Big Rock Ridge Area, plus a corner of Mt. Tamalpais Watershed (Sky Oaks, Bon Tempe Lake and Phoenix Lake areas). You'll also find Frank Lloyd Wright's Marin County Civic Center, a Native American museum, a reconstructed Miwok village, historic barns and ranches, and a historic Chinese shrimp fishing camp.

Even back in the day, I color-coded trails and fire roads for easy reference: purple trails allow bikes; red trails are hiking and equestrian trails. Full-color topographic maps show vegetation, contours, and detailed streets. Text includes park highlights, agency info, and a list of recommended guidebooks. Public transit was about to change when I went to press in 2003; it has changed many times since. Some routes ply the same streets, others you're outa luck.

Updated 9/1/19