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40 ft. contours
scale 1:29,000
28" X 36", Folded 4" x 8.5"
ISBN 978-0-9904173-3-0.
Paper: $7.95

Santa Cruz Boardwalk in winter

New Brighton State Beach bluffs

Pogonip Park trailhead


Trails of Santa Cruz is the first detailed map of parks and trails in the Bay Area's most scenic beach community, and in several respects (even with several newer maps by other publishers) it's still an excellent choice to learn the lay of the land, and go out and explore it.

My original goal was just to map Henry Cowell Redwoods, Fall Creek Redwoods, and Forest of Nisene Marks State Parks: three great big parks with steep canyons, second-growth redwoods, big creeks, and ridges clad in bay laurel. Miles of trail traverse old logging roadbeds deep into the woods. The historic ranch buildings and coastal terraces of Wilder Ranch State Park were a delightful discovery, and a fine contrast to the deep-woods parks.

Staying by the Boardwalk, I couldn't help but spend half my time exploring all the little pocket beaches, residential neighborhoods, city parks, and the UC Santa Cruz campus (which while not a park has some great architecture and vistas)
. Over the years we've mapped trail connections between Henry Cowell Redwoods, UCSC, and Pogonip, plus the Santa Cruz Circle Trail, California Coastal Trail, and (for the 4th edition) a new bike bridge across Arana Gulch near the harbor.

One thing leads to another in Santa Cruz. Everything is connected (but it sure helps to know the back streets)! Beaches and tide pools; vistas across Monterey Bay from the coastal terraces, Victorian cottages; surfers at Steamer's Lane, students on Pacific Street, breakfast out on the pier, birdwatching at Neary's Lagoon, and strolling the Boardwalk (whether at the height of summer, lit up at night or shuttered for the off-season). All this and more is yours to discover!

sc mapupOverall view of our 2017, 4th edition map.

upShows coastal terrace in Wilder Ranch State Park, and 2nd-growth redwoods in The Forest of Nisene Marks

upExplore streets, trails, and beaches between Santa Cruz and Capitola, with insets of both downtowns. For local use and urban hikes, we show (approximately) current Santa Cruz Metro bus routes, with their frequencies.

Updated 6/22/20