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sf cover

1:28,575 scale with shaded relief and 40-foot contours.
26.5" X 32", folds to 4" x 9" Single-sided.

Published by Pease Press.
ISBN 978-0-9904173-6-1.
2019 Paper: $8.95

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Trails of Mount Tamalpais, Muir Woods, and Marin Headlands

We now publish the late Jerry Olmsted's classic Rambler's Guide to Trails of Mt. Tamalpais, Muir Woods, and Marin Headlands. First published in 1983, it was the first modern, full-color map of Marin County's signature mountain and its most popular trails. In an era when most hiking maps were hand-drawn, single-color maps with fat cardstock covers, Olmsted and cargographer Kristen Bergstrom designed their map with sharp red trails, USGS contours, shaded relief, and a strong sense of color and history, inspired by the best hiking maps of Europe.

Through ten editions, this was the go-to map for Bay Area hikers and bicyclists exploring Marin. When it disappeared from the shelves in 2008, used copies sold for ridiculous prices on EBay.

Our 2014 first edition (the map's 11th iteration) retains much of the original map's flavor. Cartographer Ben Pease revised the trails with crisp GIS art, and checked key sections with a measuring wheel and compass. Itincludes all recent trail changes in the Marin Headlands and Mt. Tamalpais Watershed. Trail mileages, facilities information, and public transit routes help you plan your trip. There are just a few changes on the 2019 2nd edition, including 1-2 trails, and nudging some text so we can add the SMART train depot and downtown San Rafael for you transit riders out there.


Tam Thumbnail June 2014up arrowLike Olmsted's original map, our new map extends from Bolinas Ridge to the Golden Gate. We extended the north edge of the map to include 4 new trailheads at Whites Hill Summit and San Geronimo Valley.

As our first edition is printed on paper; we moved the cover from lower left to uper right for a more durable fold.

East Peak detail June 2014up arrowAbove is a detail of Mt. Tamalpais. Bike-legal trails are shown in purple; hiking and hiking/equestrian trails are in red. The blue 1000 meter, UTM grid is helpful for GPS navigation.

SF northup arrowThe late historian Lincoln Fairley contributed the history text in the bottom corner of the map, a reminder that genrations walked (and built) these trails before us. The 2019 editin adds a few more women.

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Marin County:
Depot Bookstore in Mill Valley
GGNRA Marin Headlands Visitor Center
in Sausalito
Muir Woods Visitor Center
Marin Mountain Biking Hall of Fame and Museum
, in Fairfax
various bike shops, Mike's Bikes, and REI

San Francisco:
Bird and Beckett (Glen Park)
The Green Arcade (Market at Gough)
Green Apple Books (Clement and 6th Ave)
Green Apple
at the Park (9th Ave and Irving)
Bookshop West Portal (West Portal Ave near Vicente)
Browser Books (Fillmore at Sacramento)
Dog Eared Books (Valencia at 21st St, and Castro at 18th St)
various bike shops and REI

East Bay:
Pegasus Books (College Ave., Oakland, and Solano Ave, Berkeley)
Moe's Books (Telegraph Ave., Berkeley)
various bike shops and REI

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