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1:30,000 scale.
-foot contours.
17" X 32", folds to 4" x 8.5."

Spliced photocopy (paper): $8.00



Trails of West Marin County shows parks on either side of San Geronimo Valley, between Fairfax and Olema. There is more public access along Sir Francis Drake Blvd. than first meets the eye. Rolling hills clad in oak, bay, and madrone, alternate with pasture and small country towns. There are also several significant redwood groves and creeks with riparian vegetation and steelhead habitat.

This is a direct descendant of the Trails of San Geronimo Valley map we deigned for the signboard at Inkwells Bridge 10 years back. (It's still posted; we get calls. This is the version of that map you can put in your pocket and explore).

Major public lands include Loma Alta, Roy's Redwoods, Maurice Thorner Memorial, French Ranch, White Hill, and Gary Giacomini Preserves; Samuel P. Taylor State Park, and the Sky Oaks and Pine Mountain areas of Marin Municipal Water District's Mt. Tamalpais Watershed. Plus about 15 miles of Bay Area Ridge Trail.

We recently extended the western third of the map to show the southern half of Point Reyes National Seashore. This change prompted us to change the title from Central Marin to West Marin. (Yes, the images still show the old Central Marin title until we fix them). It's by no means a complete map,* but for the areas it shows, it's pretty complete – themain hiking areas from Bear Valley, Five Brooks, and Palomarin Trailheads, including Coast, Wildcat, Glen, and Sky backpack camps. It's really useful to compare the much longer distances of Point Reyes' trails and ranch roads (all-day or multi-day trips) and MMWD's Pine Mountain area, with the couple-hours or half-day trail networks in the smaller, inland parks and preserves.

^Trails of West Marin County, 2019. 16x32 inches. (Yes, the title still says "Central")

*The same basic area on this map appears in the corner of the Point Reyes National Seashore and West Marin Parks map I drew for Wilderness Press; this map is a richer in detail and colors, and has mileages and shaded relief (not a luxury in this steep country). (Another fine map of Point Reyes NS, see Redwood Hikes Press' full-color, double-sided map).

detail of SF map^Detail of West Marin showing 3 preserves in San Geronimo Valley

^Detail of West Marin showing Bear Valley area of Point Reyes National Seashore.

Trails and fire roads are color-coded for easy reference: purple trails allow bikes; red trails are hiking and equestrian trails. Full-color topographic maps show vegetation, contours, and detailed streets. Text includes park highlights, agency info, and a list of recommended guidebooks. West Marin Transit's #61 and 68 bus lines are shown too.

The interim edition is available only as a photocopy or inkjet print, sold directly. Our tiny print runs let us keep this map totally up to date, but the material and labor costs make it expensive to resell to stores. We may print it on the back of the next edition of Trails of Northeast Marin in 2020, since there is a good-sized overlap between the two maps.

Updated 9/3/19